Sunday, March 28, 2004

The good Shepard hath save us

Got through with Half Life - Opposing Forces today, and wow, i freakin' tripped on it!! It was such a lot of fun, except for the half assed ending, but still, you gotta love the guys at Valve and Gearbox. Wondering if i should play the original Half Life again, but damn, it'll take a lot of time, and i already got Warcraft III on my hands. I thing i'll skip if for now.
Man i cannot wait for Half Life 2, and i hope i get an upgrade before that.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

And the hyperbole starts again...

"The Greatest Match Ever".
Gimme a break!! The greatest?? Probably unlikely. Ever?? Definetely unlikely.
I can not believe the insane hoopahoola out there about our tour of Pakistan. People are reacting as if this is the last time we're ever gonna play the stupid game. It's mind-boggling. Our already dumbed-down newspapers have just taken a step backward again, and decided to toss all semblance of sensible journalism out the window, and are bending over backwards to bow down to the cricket "gods" and "fans".
Things are really bad. Infact, in today's Sunday Midday, Sunil Gavaskar himself seemed to be unhappy as to how the board supports only the National team, while the domestic circuit is left to slowly but surely rot into oblivion. Well not as strongly as i worded it here, but you get the gist of it. Heck he was still supporting the game, but atleast he had to balls to come out and say that India's participation the Olympics qualifiers have been totally ignored and most of the cricket coverage so far has been extremely trivial and sensationalism at it's best.
Lousy, i tell you. This is a stinkin' mess. The "short" version of the game is 8 hours long, and the "normal" version is 5 days long. An entire productive day was lost in a calender that is already choc-a-bloc with holidays and half-days. A crazy tour like this is the last thing we need.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Return Of The King

Ok, i'm pissed off. Some dude spends x years on some multi-billion earning movie, and he gets an oscar for his "labor of love"??? Am i missing the point here? Isnt the oscars supposed to be free from this kinda sentiment? Sentiment leading to bias?