Thursday, September 23, 2004

Jack the DVD Ripper

I downloaded DVDshrink today, a free utility for ripping and compressing DVDs. Which might be illegal. But i'm only gonna be ripping DVDs which contain pirated movies. So it appears, a greater crime, or two wrongs making a right?

Monday, September 13, 2004

System : Upgraded

Aha, the new 17" monitor looks great! An LG Studioworks 700E model. So it's officially a new computer now, not just a new CPU. Except for the speakers, which were customised for the old Compaq monitor. Damn, will have to get a new set now, or maybe just a power adapter for old pair.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Long Distance to Canada..

No, i didn't call. I'm usually too broke to do so (or maybe too stingy, but i didn't just say that).

Must have been a few weeks since Amrita left for Canada (don't ask when, i suck at dates, don't even remember when my bro left for Russia). Been talking online now and then, but nothing beats speaking on the phone. So i was kinda surprised when she called, even though she'd said she would, cuz i'd thought she'd call in the morning. Forgot to take into consideration the time difference. Just because i stay up all night doesn't mean other people do too.. :-p

Anyway, from what she said, Toronto sounded a lot better than here. She's going to se the CN tower tomorrow. Lol, Toronto is where they shot RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE (review HERE). Forgot to tell her that useless bit of trivia. Hey, if you're reading this, consider it me telling you.. lol, trivia junkie = me.

It hardly seemed like we talked at all. And yet, it showed 6 minutes on the phone. Wow, relativity suxx.. Must, learn, to, slow, time...

Dave Mustaine talks...

Shockwaves Magazine talked to Dave about his new album, The System Has Failed, and obviously the talk veered towards the spat with David Ellefson, the ex-members, and Megadeth's turbulent history.

Mustaine comes across pretty much as a control freak, and it's irritating to hear him trash-talk about Ellefson and the other members in general.

Read it HERE.