Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Over a Cup of Coffee

Showed a strange affinity for coffee bars today. Though the coffee itself may suck, the ambience is killer. Excellent for catching up with friends, old or new. Barista, Barista, Cafe Coffee Day. That was my schedule for the day.

We collected the invites for our alumni meeting, my school mates and me. Yeah, i had class later, but damn, they never let me go. Wasted out at the coffee shoppe, Yari Road. I ended up paying :( but heh, i guess once in a blue moon i should chip in...

I was meeting Anupama after a long time. The last time she was in town, my bro was all set to fly off to Russia. So i couldnt met her, and didnt really talk either. Well, i should consider myself a little luckier this time. She called me. Sure, it was after one month of being in town, and sure it was because she was bored and she suddenly remembered she had my number, but what the hell, i'm not nitpicking...
Anywez, this was round two of my coffee day. Progessing and getting better.
Man, i spent most of my time discussing political ideology and a lot of what would be construed by other people as "nothing". But damn, it was a fun session of "nothing". Man, i was enthralled by tales of NLS. Law suddenly seemed a lot more fun. Doesnt mean i'm gonna cut back on lawyer jokes though...
This was where's we'd met the last time. That was probably about a year back, if i remember correctly (and more often than not, i dont, atleast not dates). Heck, we sat at the same place we did last time. Deja vu, like some voodoo. So i gave her King's.. ummm.. %@%$... cant recall. Anywez, she got me some stuff to read too. I can tell you what, but then i'll have to kill you. I dont think you'd like that.
We left sometime later, wandered around, and ended up at Cafe Coffee Day. Heh, still seems so damn funny when i think about it. From one hub to the next. I dont even know if there's any difference in their coffees, but who cares! I never have any out there, not when mom makes some of the best coffee this side of the moon.
And then, talking to her is such a lot of fun. i can say some of the most inane and confounding things, and i can rest assured that i wont meet a blank stare. That is something i'm not quite used to, so i'm often at a loss. Aah what the heck, learn and evolve.
Like while we were waiting outside for her friend to pick her up, we had a talk on whether it's worse to purposely ignore someone or to simply not be bothered at all to the extent of not even acknowledging them. Before you say a word, it's not the same. Think about it...

Sunday, February 22, 2004


I reflect back to the fracas that happened during Byte-IT 2003, our college fest, the first edition. When i was primarily the one raising a racket. Due to a few, handful of people taking all the decisions that would affect all the others. I didnt like it.
Now, i see a similar thing hapenning. All the work has been designated and assigned by a few people. Half of the group do all the work, and the other half do not care. Once again, i feel like an outsider.
I reflect back to the beginning of the project, when i was aprehensive working with such a big group. I did manage to quell those thoughts, but maybe, i should never have been a part of the group. I do not fit into big groups, especially when it comes to work.
i guess i'm a loner by nature, no two ways about it.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Fans And Passion

I've been wanting to get this out for quite some time. We have a lot of rock music lovers around, a lot more than are actually represented on online forums. Most of them just listen to international bands and stay away from the local scene. I guess the music on the local scene really isnt good enough to draw new fans in. Bands may cry about the lack of support, but they need to clean up their act before they can draw any new blood in.
What i'm trying to say is, things dont become good with people patronising them, but rather, people patronise things that are good.
And it's high time our local "rock-gods" understood that.