Saturday, October 30, 2004

RAMfest, Pune

I'm heading off to Pune, for the RAMfest. No, it's no religious gathering, it the first Rock And Metal festival. About 6 bands are going to be performing. Plus, hopefully i'll meet Danny, Dhaval and the guys at Symbiosis.

Anyway, we'll be hawking copies of We ARE The Scene: Vol. One at the fest. We've sold a decent amount in Bombay. If we sell the same amount in all the major cities, then we'll rack up about half a g of sales. However, that is kinda sceptical, since the response from Delhi at the recently held metal fest wasn't too encouraging. But what the heck, eventually, yeah!

The cd cover image. Man, i wish i'd have refined it a bit more. I really need to work on my colors.

Here's a slight variation of the cover, 1024x768.

And what might have been the cover we hadn't had a mix-up with the printer. Again, 1024x768.

Ps, these are all thumbnails. Click for a bigger picture.

Monday, October 18, 2004


First KT paper today. C#. Not bad. Pretty good infact. I hope to double my mark. from 26, to maybe upto a 60. A 48, atleast.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Fight Club Is REALLY Calvin And Hobbes!!!

Don't believe me?

Read THIS.

A funny conversation..

A few days back, i read a pretty funny conversation on CnC at dc++

starvingartist: When are they supposed to hit the technology wall? 2029?
vincecool3: 3265
Murphey: 2020, when the human race is wipped out
starvingartist: Ahh. I thought that was 2012.
Murphey: Nah, thats just when 99 percent of it is whiped out cause Bush got re-elected.
starvingartist: Doomsday. Late as usual.

Hah, it was one of those blindsides that comes straign outta left-field. Sign, i have no idea what i'm saying, but that little convo sure had me chuckling...

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My BEST Near Death Experience...

Sign*. I really should get some new footwear. My floaters really gave me the slip. This time the bank interest would have been too high. Ok, enuff bad one-liners.

There's a speed breaker outside my building, where the buses slow down, and where ppl always get on and off. So this morning as usual, i try to jump on, and damn, my footwear's broken. I miss my footing. I fall, but i forget to let go. I'm dragged for a few meters, before some grey matter kicks in and i let go.

Boy, i look up and a big crowd had collected. I was bruised, but damn, i was so embarrassed. All the ppl i knew in the are were there, the shopkeepers, everyone, I felt like an ass, and wished the earth would open up and swallow me. On top of it, my hair was a mess. Suxx. No seriously, i didn't get and bruises, apart from a shattered ego.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Ripping into Sabretooth - Comic Book Atrocity


Sabretooth 1.

Those guys over at The Fourth Rail really know how to smash the nail right on the head.

"And honestly, there's so much atrocity going on in the top 10 books, with Avengers dying off or betraying the team and supervillains raping and killing supporting cast members in Identity Crisis, that I'm not terribly impressed with the deaths of a handful of extras in a book based on a third tier supervillain."

Like i said, Hah!