Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Twitter bgs

Hmm, I meant to post this before, but it slipped my mind. I whipped up a quick twitter bg for my uncle's twitter page.

A custom bg for my twitter page too. Whatdya know, it's raining bottles!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Two designs up on threadless!

Kickass, I got two designs up for voting on Threadless.com, for their "Threadless Loves Horror II" competition. It's a pretty tough show, and I don't have any delusions about winning, but it was a thrill entering anyway!

Design One - Don't Be Fooled By The Smile...

A bunch of smileys representing various horror monsters and icons.
Vote for it here:
don't be fooled by the smile - Threadless Loves Horror II

Design Two - Past Its Expiry Date..

Zombies = bad blood = not good for vampires.
Vote for it here:
past its expiry date - Threadless Loves Horror II

Friday, September 04, 2009

Tracer Bullet!

Two wallpapers in accordance with last weekend's hangover:


Tracer Bullet: An all-percussion symphony was playing in my head, and the acoustics were incredible.

Forgive me Bill Watterson, I mean no harm.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Smashing September Calenders!

It's a new month! Which means it's time for a new set of wallpapers! And this month, Smashing Magazine has a gorgeous set.

Some of my favourites this month:
S for September - Gorgeous! My favourite this month! Luka, do one for every month!
Prelude (I love wallpapers with a single hue or color scheme)
Upside Down World Map (again, nice colors and concept, but I didn't like the typography)
Neon House Spirit (nice minimalistic color usage)
Field of Gold (great image and placement, but bad typography)
Curiosity and the Rose (love the image!)
Smashin September (very bold, interesting typo)
Septypo (nice colors and typo)
September Colors (the colors, hah)


OrneryBoy. What an awesome guy! And DirtGirl. Whatta babe! This is now officially my new favourite webcomic. It's got a crazy beautiful art style - vert vectorised. Which is no surprise, seeing as how the strip is actually drawn completely in flash! Which not only leads to a solid line-work and bold lively colors, but also, the occasional animated panel! And this isn'y half-baked animation really. It's very dynamic, and adds a lot to the appeal of the comic. I have hence compiled a list of every animated comic in the series:

(SPOILER WARNING - These strips are smack in the middle or storylines, so they may spoil stuff for you. I suggest you read the strip from the beginning, and use this as a quick reference guide. You have been warned!)

#255 Quick Get Some String - Cthulu monster's swaying tentacles

#257 Fountain of Filth - Stream of blood and bones

#258 Full House - More tentacles and raging sky

#269 Down The Drain - Walking zombie dudes

#270 Dance of the Dead - Zombie Headbangers!!! (my favourite)

#277 Down with OrneryBoy - Ornery falling down an open drain

#289 Who'll Fall - Hangin' Zombies!

#291 Sewer Scramble - Ornery and Zombie running!

#329 Shopping Block - Flashing Police Lights

#330 Hanging in the Balance - More Flashing Police Lights

#331 Dirty Bomb - THRESHER on the move!

#332 Explosive Payload - THRESHER's antennae, and the "bomb" explodes!

#333 Out of the Closet - Fumes and flies

#334 Bones of Contention - Dirtygirl screaming

#335 Necronomagain - Anti-zombie magic

#336 Prod Squad - Kids poke Mr. McMeddle's man-boobs with a stick

#342 Zombie Makeover - More anti-zombie magic

#344 Flames of Passion - Fire in DirtyGirl's eyes

#350 The MC stands for Melodramatic Cheese - MC Brian on the run

#356 Eye for an Eye - The cat chews

#357 Stabby-Go-Lucky - Self-stabbing action

#360 Cataclysmic Visions - Cat+flashbacks (look carefully, stare for a while)

#361 Depends on your definition - Cat pees on Ornery

#364 No Sauce Blues - Rain outside the window

#365 Soliloquy - More rain

#367 The Fellowship of the Flapp - Keyboard lights

#368 Hostile Takeover - Ornery on drums

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Boli Lagao! India's first paise-auction site starts now!

My latest project to go live - designs for Boli Lagao, India's first paise-auction site. A friend of mine is a partner in the venture. I've created the logo for for their venture, and have also coded and uploaded their teaser website. Sign-up, and you can start bidding soon!