Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Web-Swingin' Wierdness

I couldn't sleep yesterday night. I kept having visions of the wallcrawler swinging through the city. What a rollercoaster rush!
Saw the movie, and played the game. Well, playing actually. I'm hooked on 'ol WebHead.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I woke up next to a cat...

...and her name was B. She had a free run of the place, coming and going as she pleased. Ofcourse, she chose not to go out at all. Nishit's room had all the comforts she needed. Food, water, a place to sleep. And even the random tabby that would wander in.
Everything in Nishit's room is probably created by hand, or made out of some junk or knick-knack that we would have probably thrown out. A lampshade of tweened steel wires, cd-carrying cases made of aluminium rods and cloth hangers, his chair a combo of a plastic chair body on top of a big electric box of some sort. And surprisingly, it's all very comfortable and homely.
A lot of odd stuff can be found at his place. I met some kind of a hyperactive monkey-frog hybrid at his place. It's name was Vidith, and it was Nishit's nephew. It was about 7 years old, and had complete about 540 pushups. 5 at a time, ofcourse. It's probably gonna get a new pair of sneakers when it reaches 1000.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

@#!$% Bloody Memory...

I am getting forgetful these days.

Rohit "P-Man" came over today to deliver my copy of PDV's album Compose, Oppose, Dispose. So i go down to meet the dude, and take the cd and i'm gawking at it. He's standing there and i'm standing there, and there's some wierd feeling around. I wonder why he's waiting. Then he blurts out, "K, give me the 150 bucks, and i'll be gone", and it hits me. Not five minutes ago, i put 200 bucks in my pocket, to pay him, and there i'm standing, totally forgetting about it.

I also forgot to post Paddy mama's postcards. Shit, he'd asked me to do that like 3 days back. If he finds out, i'm dead. I'll post it tomorrow.

I went to sleep in the evening, and got up around 7:30. Sometime later, i got a call from Bhavesh, and then it hit me that i had to be over at his place, for a get-together with the rest of the ex-leos. He'd called me up two days back, to tell me about it, and now it'd totally slipped my mind! I spent the rest of the evening avoiding his calls.

And now, some time back, i wanted to go over to Jason's place, to get the Van Helsing movie cd. As usual, i forgot, and by the time i remembered, it was too late.

I suck.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Megadeth vs Megadeth

Oh my god, this is a nightmare! I can't believe the day has finally come when i'd see Dave and Dave on opposite sides!! It's pretty bad when when two fantastic musicians, who have been pals for nearly 2 decades, are going to have to slug it out in a courtroom. It kinda cheapens their image, reduces the respect i have for them.

There's a very well written piece by Dave Mustaine here, where he talk about Megadeth's decline, the fall in sales, and how various other incidents drove a firm wedge between the band members. This piece sounds surprisingly vulnerable, very unlike Dave, who generally has a rep of being an asshole. I guess this is why i'm still very wary of painting David Ellefson as the bad guy here, even though he's the one suing Dave M and Megadeth.

Though now, i pray this is just an alternate reality, and tomorrow morning, things will be all right again...

The search for 3D...

Phew! I spent all morning surfing the net, checking out links to various 3D resources - Models, Textures and Tutorials. It was a hard job, i tell you. My internet connection was really slow today, and Opera kept screwing up for some reason.
Well, i'm halfway through compiling these links. Check them out on the right. Any broken links or bad labels, let me know. Gotta bathe and eat now. I'll be back later in the evening to finish this.
Thanx to Chax for the impetus.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My Heart is GREY

Here's one more from the guys at Quizilla - What Color Is Your Heart?

Apparantly, i have a GREY Heart.
Info Grey

I'm a DEAD ALIVE Zombie. What Kind Are You?

"You are a Dead Alive Zombie. You or somebody that bit you was infected by the Sumatran Rat Monkey. You are intent on killing and shredding anything that moves, unless you're full of tranquilizers. You can't be killed unless you are completely chopped to bits."

Yup, that's cool, even though my reason for becoming a zombie was because there was no place in hell, not getting bit by a fuckin' rat monkey...

Anywez, test yourself here - What kind of Zombie are you?

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Watch Glenn Danzig Get Sucker-Punched

Well, this seems to be popping up all over the place.

KC over at The Diabolical Conquest got me to download the video - Right Click, Save As

However, the guys at Post Crisis had the complete story. Danny Marianino, who plays for the North Side Kings, was the man who took down Danzig with one punch, after Danzig put on some asshole-rockstar airs.

About 568 kb, a good download.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Lapping it up

Well, my brother did what i could not. He installed Manhunt, and got it to run smoothly on the laptop. The new laptop. MY new laptop. Hehe. I feel like a 5 year old who's just discovered chocolates.
The 'top's pretty darn powerful, a whole lot better than my desktop pc. It's a PIV 1.7, with 512 ram and a 40 gig hdd. It also has a NVidia 4 graphix card, and a dvr rom/cd writer combo. Cool beans!!
It's my uncle's. He got himself a new one, and gave this to me, along with a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse along with it. It doesnt have a very long battery life, about an hour and a half, but at home i usually run it on direct power.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Bush vs Hulk Hogan, He-Man, and Mr. T

The anti-Bush game from EMOGAME...

Click it, dourch.