Sunday, February 22, 2004


I reflect back to the fracas that happened during Byte-IT 2003, our college fest, the first edition. When i was primarily the one raising a racket. Due to a few, handful of people taking all the decisions that would affect all the others. I didnt like it.
Now, i see a similar thing hapenning. All the work has been designated and assigned by a few people. Half of the group do all the work, and the other half do not care. Once again, i feel like an outsider.
I reflect back to the beginning of the project, when i was aprehensive working with such a big group. I did manage to quell those thoughts, but maybe, i should never have been a part of the group. I do not fit into big groups, especially when it comes to work.
i guess i'm a loner by nature, no two ways about it.

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