Monday, September 06, 2004

Long Distance to Canada..

No, i didn't call. I'm usually too broke to do so (or maybe too stingy, but i didn't just say that).

Must have been a few weeks since Amrita left for Canada (don't ask when, i suck at dates, don't even remember when my bro left for Russia). Been talking online now and then, but nothing beats speaking on the phone. So i was kinda surprised when she called, even though she'd said she would, cuz i'd thought she'd call in the morning. Forgot to take into consideration the time difference. Just because i stay up all night doesn't mean other people do too.. :-p

Anyway, from what she said, Toronto sounded a lot better than here. She's going to se the CN tower tomorrow. Lol, Toronto is where they shot RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE (review HERE). Forgot to tell her that useless bit of trivia. Hey, if you're reading this, consider it me telling you.. lol, trivia junkie = me.

It hardly seemed like we talked at all. And yet, it showed 6 minutes on the phone. Wow, relativity suxx.. Must, learn, to, slow, time...

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