Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tequila Express

Whatta movie. I stayed up till 3:30 last night watching this.

It starts with the DEA arresting some Japanese dude at this major drug warehouse. Then we cut over to Mexico, where some chick and her girlfriend are arrested on charges of drug possession. They were planted there, by the cops, no less. Turns out that the girl is the daughter of the governor, of the are/state where the Japanese drug guy is being held. His minions want him to be released, of the daughter will suffer.

The Governor panics, and calls up the head of the DEA. The head then tells him that he's got about 6 undercover agents in mexico, near where the girl was arrested. The Governor's chief of staff volunteers to head south and rescue the girl. There he meets up with the other agents and they go kick ass.

So it's like 6 guys and one girl agent facing off and prevailing against the entire drug cartel. Who really arent as powerful as they should be, because only three guards are knocked out, the door is opened, and the girl is rescued. They they head cross-country, have some lameass final fight with the baddies (the minion boss is dispatched by getting stabbed in the back by the daughter), and escape through some tunnel connecting the two countries. The end.

The movie seems terribly cool, thought i can't figure out a single reason why.

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