Sunday, March 13, 2005

Strike Down!!

So the buses are back to normal. Which, is, well, a relative term, for vehicles that are always late, may or may not halt at the stops, are mostly bursting at the seams with people, are ignorant of the existance of road rules, occasionally knock down people, and overcharge as much as possible (Andheri station to Cinemagic is 4 bucks??).

Nearly 3400 buses were off the road since midnight on thursday, when 45,000 employees of the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) went on strike. I guess the salary that the employees of BEST currently draw aren't enough to motive them to be as roughneck as possible. Maybe Sharad Rao should be commended for his generous and extremely thoughtful decision to hold the strike now, and not during the actualy student board exams. How best do we show our gratitude? With a stick, a noose or a sharp stabbing object?

Sharad Rao, when asked by the Bombay Times on what he thought of the faction that said it would continue to ply - They have no strength. And if they operate buses, we know what to do about it.

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