Monday, May 30, 2005

Star Wars ep III - Revenge of the Filth

Saw the movie a few days back. I didn't enjoy it. Too much. Sure, I was only interested in the fx, but good lord!! The dialogues!! They are appaling, embarrasingly cheesy. Just. Plain. Bad. I can't believe the actors didn't choke on their vomit while mouthing these inane atrocities.

The Padme-Anakin romance, it's as bad, if not worse than what we saw in Attack Of The Clones.

Plus that persistant "stupid" vibe that the movie has to it. Gaping plotholes. Droids just standing around not shooting, stormtroopers in heavy armor taken out by one lousy shot, so called Jedi Masters killed like blind ducks in a barrel, and incredulous leaps oflogic like Obi Wan leaving Anakin alive.

However, the main reason I dislike this trilogy, is because it take away from the mystique of Darth Vader. While I intensely dislike the Star Wars series, Darth Vader himself is immensely cool. However, by giving him a back story, and justifying his slide into the Dark Side, his capacity as a being of pure evil seems diminished. After all, he really embraced the dark side just to save his wife, a very noble cause indeed.

Moral of the story, stay away from girls. They lead to destruction and chaos.

For a more biting review, check out Ep III on Ruthless Reviews.

They also love The Phantom Menace.

And they have a link to Star Wars dorks in costume.

Orson Scott Card, whom I know as the writer on Marvel Comics's Ultimate Iron Man, has his own take on the Jedis. I quote - "Memo to would-be Jedis: in the new movie, the knights are elitist, dictatorial, and unconvinced that good is an absolute."

Read it - Under the Influence by Orson Scott Card : No Faith in This Force.

Enjoy. The ripping apart of.

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