Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Readings: Federal Investigations, Dinosaurs and Subway Muggings

Just out down David Baldacci's Total Control. It's a story that moves on from an investigation of a plane crash to a case of industrial espionage gone horribly wrong, and moves onto a far bigger conspiracy. Anything else would be a spoiler for sure. Fairly engrossing, clocking in at over 500 pages, though it could definitely have some fat trimmed off, and made a little more taut. Not a must-read by any stretch of imagination, but not altogether too bad.

Some books that preceded this: Re-read Michael Chrichton's Jurrasic Park and The Lost World, after watching the trilogy last week. It was a nice excercise to compare the two. The books have such a lot more tham simply dinosaur-chomping action. It's overwhelming at times to think of all the research Chricton must be doing for his books. I mean, for these two, he must have at the very least studied dinosaurs, extinction theories, the functioning of amusement parks and zoos, and chaos theory (in a lot more detail than the usual "a butterfly flaps it wings.." heh). Makes me think of his novel Congo, and that travesty of an adaptation hollywood made...

Alex Garland's Coma. It's a story of a guy who's beaten up during a mugging, and lands in the hospital, in a coma. When he wakes up, he's not sure if he's really awake, or dreaming that he's awake. There are about 40 chapters, ranging from a few paras to a few pages. Each chapter has a b&w illustration accompanying it. Interesting concept, but it's too short to be wholly satisfying. An interesting experiment, if nothing else.

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