Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Fire Still Burns...

I recently met a bunch of guys, who, like most of the people in the city, seemed more or less disillusioned with the whole Political Circus that keeps playing out all around, perhaps most easily accessible on your local "news" channel. They've decided to step up and try and make a change in the attitude of people. While this whole excercise was initially geared towards getting people to vote, that space was already cluttered. So they're kinda hoping to just make people more aware of their civic right, and become less apathetic.

As a first step, they've recorded a song and uploaded it on their website, that went live a few days back.

I'm, as of right now, working with them on deigns. Phase one includes a logo design, and a basic, functional website, primary for hosting the song, and getting people to sign-up for their cause. Check it out.

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