Monday, July 06, 2009

Massive Movie weekend!

This was a massive movie weekend for me! Ijust got back from Russia a few days back, and wanted to make sure I caught up on everything I missed. So I went and saw 4 movies at the theatres!

Saturday, first up, we went and saw Ice Age 3 (not in 3D, that gives me a headache). This was pretty much as entertaining as the first two, and there was a steady stream of laughs. For a movie supposedly targetted at kids, there was a fair bit of adult, or rather, non-kiddie humour in there. Which ironically, was when the audience was laughing the most. The new character Buck, voiced by Simon Pegg, was a great addition, and along with the ever lovin' Sid, stole the show. Infact, if they had eliminated Manny and Diego completely from the movie, and focussed on Buck and Sid, I daresay the movie would have been move focussed, and a tad better. Anyway, the direction here is outstanding, the best of the trilogy so far.

We followed that up with The Hangover, and this is hands down the best movie I've seen all year. It's bloody freakin' hilarious! I mean, WHAT THE FUCk HAPPENED LAST NIGHT?? Yeah, I need a t-shirt with that line on it. I'm gonna go see this movie again next weekend.

Sunday, I ran off to the theatre a lil early to watch Terminator Salvation. I had to watch it on the big screen for the effects and the 'bots. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Infact, I pretty much enjoyed it. The fx was outstanding, the 'bots were killer, and Sam Worthington was a worthy (pun not intended really) addition to the mythos. The story did seem a bit convulated, but that wasn't why I was watching the movie anyhow. The only thing kinda off was that the post-apocalyptic setting didn't seem real enough. There were very few 'bots around, and he humans seemed comfortably entrenched. Perhaps the inevitable fifth movie will up the stakes a bit, and show us a full-fledged war, and not just a covert infiltration op. Oh, and the Arnold appearance was sweet!

I came outta the cinema and went back in to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine with my friends. This was easily my least favourite movie of the weekend. There was so much wasted potential here. So many mutants, yet most hardly had anything more than a glorified came. Liev Schrieber's excellent turn as Sabretooth totally ate up Hugh Jackman onscreen. Plus Danny Huston was good as William Cox. Overall, the fights were ho-hum, except the last one with Sabretooth/Wolverine and Deadpool, that was brilliantly executed. Anyway, I'm hoping the sequel will be better (though I can't for the life of me figure out what thet'll do in Japan), and I'm looking forward to the Deadpool movie. Gotta love the merc with the mouth.

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