Thursday, September 03, 2009


OrneryBoy. What an awesome guy! And DirtGirl. Whatta babe! This is now officially my new favourite webcomic. It's got a crazy beautiful art style - vert vectorised. Which is no surprise, seeing as how the strip is actually drawn completely in flash! Which not only leads to a solid line-work and bold lively colors, but also, the occasional animated panel! And this isn'y half-baked animation really. It's very dynamic, and adds a lot to the appeal of the comic. I have hence compiled a list of every animated comic in the series:

(SPOILER WARNING - These strips are smack in the middle or storylines, so they may spoil stuff for you. I suggest you read the strip from the beginning, and use this as a quick reference guide. You have been warned!)

#255 Quick Get Some String - Cthulu monster's swaying tentacles

#257 Fountain of Filth - Stream of blood and bones

#258 Full House - More tentacles and raging sky

#269 Down The Drain - Walking zombie dudes

#270 Dance of the Dead - Zombie Headbangers!!! (my favourite)

#277 Down with OrneryBoy - Ornery falling down an open drain

#289 Who'll Fall - Hangin' Zombies!

#291 Sewer Scramble - Ornery and Zombie running!

#329 Shopping Block - Flashing Police Lights

#330 Hanging in the Balance - More Flashing Police Lights

#331 Dirty Bomb - THRESHER on the move!

#332 Explosive Payload - THRESHER's antennae, and the "bomb" explodes!

#333 Out of the Closet - Fumes and flies

#334 Bones of Contention - Dirtygirl screaming

#335 Necronomagain - Anti-zombie magic

#336 Prod Squad - Kids poke Mr. McMeddle's man-boobs with a stick

#342 Zombie Makeover - More anti-zombie magic

#344 Flames of Passion - Fire in DirtyGirl's eyes

#350 The MC stands for Melodramatic Cheese - MC Brian on the run

#356 Eye for an Eye - The cat chews

#357 Stabby-Go-Lucky - Self-stabbing action

#360 Cataclysmic Visions - Cat+flashbacks (look carefully, stare for a while)

#361 Depends on your definition - Cat pees on Ornery

#364 No Sauce Blues - Rain outside the window

#365 Soliloquy - More rain

#367 The Fellowship of the Flapp - Keyboard lights

#368 Hostile Takeover - Ornery on drums

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