Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Tin Man's Broken Heart - Work in Progress

EDIT: This design is up for voting on Threadless!

the tin man's broken heart - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

It's a slightly modified version of the design below.


New t-shirt design for threadless! Being critiqued here.

"...when the Tin Man went to the land of Oz, and asked the Wizard for a heart, he didn't think of all the bad things that would happen to him. He never stopped to think, if you have a heart, you'll also experience a heartbreak..."

I've visualised it as the Tin Man going on a city-wide rampage. Him being godzilla-like is largely a symbolic thing.

Two things I'm debating:
1) Should I keep it completely monochromatic?
2) Does the city need more elements like cars, fire-hydrants etc? Maybe some people running about in terror?


D. Ryan Leask said...

Good day bottle head. My name is Disgruntled_Pacifist from Threadless and I need help!

Not a Pirate (Just Clumsy)

I think the concept is solid but my artistic skills are heavily lacking. I like your designs and I think you could help launch this idea to a Tee, would you be willing help me out for a 50/50 if it gets printed?

bottleHeD said...

Hey Ryan! Sorry it took me so long to reply, I hadn't logged in here to check my account in a while...

The collaboration sounds rather interesting, but at the moment, I'm kind of tied up with a whole lot of work, and I'm not very sure I'll be able to dedicate time to another design, really. I don't won't to do a slip-shoddy work, so I'm unfortunately going to have to decline this.

Thanks for the offer though, perhaps we'll work together sometime in the future!

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