Saturday, December 12, 2009

COMIX.INDIA - The self-published black & white comics anthology

(Update: The CDBi forums are no more. It's all been integrated with the Comix.India website.)

It's an exciting time to be involved with the local comics scene. There's a new comics anthology on the cards, and it's titled COMIX.INDIA. It's being edited by Bharat Murthy and designed by me.

The magazine's features are:
- Black & White pages, with a color coer
- Size: 7"x9"
- Page count: 250-300

This is a completely fan-driven venture, with no commercial backing. Anybody can contribute content. It won't be available at the shops. It'll only be available online at, a print-on-demand site. Since there's no initial investment needed here, there's no real risk of commercial failure.

Get more details at the COMIX.INDIA forum.

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Manoj a menon said...

hi Kailash,

Interesting and very motivating.
We are a small team ( 3 so far) doing stuff which will sooner be seen on the racks.
Currently worl is on and we are pretty silent,but we are interested in contributing to your magazine on a regular fashion ( that is.. if you like what we have in stock).

All the best and we are watching you.


feel free to ...

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