Sunday, January 17, 2010


I ended up watching 3 movies back to back last night.

First up, Mike Judge's Extract. Which is not as pornographic as it just sounded. The movie's isn't as awesome as Office Space, nor is it a satire like Idiocracy. Which isn't to say it's bad really. Most of the performances are good, even if the characters themselves are a bit loosely defined. Case in point - Mila Kunis's role. It isn't what I'd expected, and not in a good way. They really should have eliminated her character, and written around it. The funniest character by far, however, is the super-dumb male gigolo Jason Bateman's character hires to seduce his wife. The movie is kinda down-beat, on a very slow burn, with the humour not coming from one-liners, but from the character interactions. A one time watch, I wouldn't want to rewatch it anytime soon.

Then there was a Julianne Moore + Pierce Brosnan movie on tv, with both of them as opposing divorce lawyers. This was Laws of Attraction, with a fairly funny first half, until it suddenly and inexplicably became a somber, sappy, romantic train-wreck of a movie.

Not wanting to get up from the bean bag, I put on Funny People. Lonely People would have been a better title, it described the characters better. Adam Sandler is quite good here, and Seth Rogen has lost a lot of weight, so good for him. There was about 30 minutes of dead weight towards the end, and I'd have preferred to see more stand-up routine in the film, but it was a decent watch really. Not Judd Apatow's best though.


Firefoxcub said...

Hmm. I just watched Extract too and I agree with you: strictly okay. Why do you say 'pornographic'? I'll admit I got it hoping there'd be lots of weed smoking but there's just that one lukewarm scene... oh well.
I was hoping Funny People would be awesome but it's not huh? I haven't seen it yet but now I might just wait till it's on TV....

bottleHeD said...

Hah, read it together - "Mike Judge's Extract". If your mind is in the gutters, you'll see the innuendo there... :D

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