Sunday, September 28, 2003

Gawd! I just can't seem to get through Boom. Pathetic would be an understatement. The movie is so freakin' slow and idotic. Acting sucks. Even if the models could act, it wouldn't have made any difference, because the direction would have killed it.
Guess Kaizad Gustad must have been trying to make like an Indian Tarantino but lost his way 10 minutes into filming.

I'm also half-way through Mumbai Matinee. Compared to that travesty of a movie that is Boom, this one sure seems like a classic. Rahul Bose seems good enough, but once again, he is an ad-executive, and once again he is working on a condom ad, and once again he comes up with some saaaad slogans. Jhankar Beats, anyone?

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