Friday, October 03, 2003

BowWow!! Seven cds in my hand and u expect me to study? 3 music videos, 1 game, and 1 movie cd. Plus two RW's, with some softwares and lotsa crap. Nice..
Yesterday night, i was aiming for VB or Java. Or hell, maybe even some ERP. i guess it's hard to study when your eyes refuse to remain open. As it is, staying up till 3 can do wierd things to your mind. Like what Dhana and Khamba were doing....

I just got home from Dhana's, some time back, and can just about manage to post this, with my net connection crawling along slower than a turtle with arthritis. Plus, i'm cold. Hanging out of the train when it's pouring cats and dogs isn't exactly the smartest of ideas, but hey, better wet than suffocated, i always say.

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