Saturday, October 30, 2004

RAMfest, Pune

I'm heading off to Pune, for the RAMfest. No, it's no religious gathering, it the first Rock And Metal festival. About 6 bands are going to be performing. Plus, hopefully i'll meet Danny, Dhaval and the guys at Symbiosis.

Anyway, we'll be hawking copies of We ARE The Scene: Vol. One at the fest. We've sold a decent amount in Bombay. If we sell the same amount in all the major cities, then we'll rack up about half a g of sales. However, that is kinda sceptical, since the response from Delhi at the recently held metal fest wasn't too encouraging. But what the heck, eventually, yeah!

The cd cover image. Man, i wish i'd have refined it a bit more. I really need to work on my colors.

Here's a slight variation of the cover, 1024x768.

And what might have been the cover we hadn't had a mix-up with the printer. Again, 1024x768.

Ps, these are all thumbnails. Click for a bigger picture.

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