Tuesday, October 05, 2004

My BEST Near Death Experience...

Sign*. I really should get some new footwear. My floaters really gave me the slip. This time the bank interest would have been too high. Ok, enuff bad one-liners.

There's a speed breaker outside my building, where the buses slow down, and where ppl always get on and off. So this morning as usual, i try to jump on, and damn, my footwear's broken. I miss my footing. I fall, but i forget to let go. I'm dragged for a few meters, before some grey matter kicks in and i let go.

Boy, i look up and a big crowd had collected. I was bruised, but damn, i was so embarrassed. All the ppl i knew in the are were there, the shopkeepers, everyone, I felt like an ass, and wished the earth would open up and swallow me. On top of it, my hair was a mess. Suxx. No seriously, i didn't get and bruises, apart from a shattered ego.

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