Thursday, June 09, 2005

Week 1 - SIMC

Wow. It's not college, it's a bloody boot camp. No earings or tattoos for guys (I was the only one with an earing), my roomie got yelled at in front of the entire class and had to cut off his pigtail, plus, get this, no shirts or kurtas with any any kind of slogans/symbols/messages are allowed. I kid you not, these are official rules.

Oh, and we have no day off. Sure. we have no lectures on thursday, but on that day, we have to do our social communication project. Meaning, working with an NGO for atleast 8 hours.

Daily timings are 7 to 7. Yup, an hour of yoga/aerobics/gym in the morning, followed by lectures starting at 9, each for an hour and a half. Half an hour break between each and an hour for lunch.

Kinda saving grace - class strength is about 96, with only some 25 boys.

But what the heck, if it makes a better man out of me, shucks, i'm game.


i n f e r n o said...

boy, thts called symbi.
i had gone through th same before.
but these rules wont change you for sure!
look at me and trust me :-) he..ha..ha..SSS

Mi.Baba.Deep.Su said...

wow! ow!!! looks like smeones having fun

STRIDER said...

hey kailash ... do u have tht art of living crap..??

bottleHeD said...

Nope, thankfully none of that yet..

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