Friday, July 01, 2005

Screenings at SIMC

We have screenings three times a week at SIMC.

So far,
Chanakya ep 1-3, progressively better
Mirza Ghalib ep 1-3, ditto

Ankur - decent
Nishant - fell asleep after the opening credits
Charandas Chor - Damn funny for the first 20 minutes, then degraded and put me to sleep. Then saw the last 30 minutes.

Jack The Ripper
Search For Atlantis
The Leopard Son

A Hard Day's Night - Unfortunately, fell asleep midway. Saw the beginning and ending.

U2 - Live - forgot where (actually it was a free lecture, not a screening really)

All these are in the afternoon, after food, in a room without a/c or proper ventilation. No wonder most of us fall asleep. Atleast, I do.


i n f e r n o said...

hey anna! can you arrange these films for me i want to see them.. plz try!
n did you find ny caption for me.. (for SCIT)
plz let me know bout movies n doc n specially U2 live....

c ya!

Mi.Baba.Deep.Su said...

Damn good stuff dude. Wish the guys here were showing us such things would inspire mi to go to the classes on time and not go to sleep.

bottleHeD said...

Sorry man, we arent allowed to borrow these movies. They are concerned about "piracy".. idiots..

STRIDER said...

There is a concept called "JHOOL" .... patao the peon man... get the movies

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