Saturday, October 04, 2003

Just got back from the, zzzzz... theatre where I just, zzzzz... saw, zzzz... Baghban. The movie is, zzzzz... so excruciatingly, zzzzz... slow and long.
But Hema Malini is still as gorgeous as ever. An so is Lillette Dubey. And Amitabh Bachchan is overrated.
A good story, with surprisingly good songs. But still, soooo, very, freakin' slow and long. They should have trimmed it by an hour atleast.

Also saw Hulk. Contrary to popular belief, i loved the direction. Ang Lee's use of split screens was very cool. However the FX were a let-down. Didnt really gel with most of the outdoor shots. Like the Hulk Dogs scene. Felt very unnatural. And in one shot, the poodle-dog had no shadow. But still, very smooth direction, and great script. And great Jennifer Connely too.

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