Saturday, October 11, 2003

What a mad-house!! People all over the place, swarming like the bees over a drop of necter. Everyone had come to meet my bro. And as usual, they came late. So they ended up staying late. And hence, left real late. Leading to us sleeping real late.
We had some kirtans at our house, and most of the people didn't know that it was planned. But they still liked it pretty much. However, i'd say the food could have been better. People seemed to devour it like there was no tommorow, but not me. Maybe i'm more fickle than most people.

It's morning now, and we couldn't sleep late. I had to get the final packing done for my brother. We should be leaving for the airport by about 2:30. His flight is at 5:40, and Pushkar's pop is operating the flight to delhi. So it's gonna be cool for them..

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