Wednesday, January 14, 2004


I'm really disillusioned today. There was a time when reading a newspaper would have been entertaining. Not anymore. All it serves in doing now is raising one's blood pressure to heights previously unheard of.
The first page of the TOI itself showed the incompetence and sheer apathy of our government. The savages who vandalised the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute last week, were only held on bail. No doubt, they will be out within a week. No one in the government has bothered to condemn the attack. Instead, those fuckwits have gone ahead and banned the book by James Laine. Such a kneejerk and ignorant reaction i have not seen till date. Apparently this is an open invitation to legions of chaos. If you do not like something, burn it down. The government will side with you.
Then i turned the page and read about the rickshaw union calling for a strike on the 20th, for an increase in fares. This is as hypocritical as the government's stand on freedom of speech. It saddens me to say this, but the actions of a few taint the whole. With rampant unchecked rigging of meters, plus an increae in fares, looks like bus no 11 will be used a lot shortly.
All directly related to the budget. While electronics and travel and similar shit is now cheaper, as usual all the price of essentials has been hiked. Long live our gutterment.

This pretty much spoiled the morning for me. Ended up observing only bad shit. Some executioners hacking a tree to death. A sadistic BEST driver-conductor combination not willing to wait one second for a guy who ran 5 minutes to catch the bus. Fukk, i decided to doze off, or i'd have been a wreck by the time i got to college.

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