Saturday, January 10, 2004

Sauce And Biscuit - Highlights Of The Brabourne Trophy

I won the consolation prize today, at the 62nd Brabourne InterCollegiate Elocution Competetion, held at the Ismail Yusuf college.
Consolation, n. A solace; alleviation of misery; what helps to cheer; what gives comfort.
What?? I should be offended! But i'm not, as i also got 250 bucks as a, heh, consolation. Heck, makes me wonder how much the winners must have got.

The highlights of the day were ofcourse, not what happened on-stage, but rather, what was happening off-stage. I got some samosas in a plate, and promptly spilled the sauce/chutney syrup all over my pants. it was brought to my notice by a slight wetness in the seat of my pant, and looking down, a saw a thin line of sauce. Thinking that's all it was, i wiped it off. When i got up ever so slightly, to look at the chair, i was horrified! I was sitting in a sea of sauce!! It soon penetrated right upto the interiors, if you get what i mean. And just then, we were asked to get up and sit in the front row. Talk about bad timing. I was so greatful i had worn black jeans. I could just imagine having to scoot about on my rear all day long if i had worn those cream trousers, like i had originally planned. I spent the rest of the time thinking if this was how females felt if they had their periods...

And biscuits. I nearly choked on the one i was eating when they announced my name for the, uh, concolation prize. Heheh. I was totally caught off guard, very clumsily kept aside my bag and plate, and went onstage to collect the price, hoping my hands were clean enough. Hope the audience didnt notice anything out of the ordinary.

The competetion itself was over quickly, with 12 participants. I suppose most colleges were busy with the NAAC thing, which explained the low turnout. We were given 7 topics, two hours before the event. I spoke on "Mall Mania", the only one to do so, while Sajitha, my team-mate, spoke on "Empowerment Of Women's Rights". The others were "Sachin And India", "Today's Food Habits", "Peer Pressure On Today's Youths", "Terrorism Destabilizes The World", and "Unlimited Growth On A Limited Planet". No one spoke on the last one.
The dude who came first, spoke on food habits, and the dude who came in third spoke on Sachin and India. They were both from St.Andrews, and they won the overall token trophy, third time in a row for the college, and second time for the dude who was numero uno. Infact, our chief guest for the evening, Jerry Pinto, had won the individual prizes three times here, and the team trophy twice.

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Aseem Naphade said...

Hey!! I won the 3rd prize in Brabourne trophy in Ismailbhai college in Jogeshwari in 2006

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