Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Yet another fruitful competetion

Yowza!! We won again!! And this time we won proper!!
The Jawaharlal Intercollegiate Shield, i believe, was the proper name. A big, huge, freakin' shield. It was great carrying it around, all over the place, and into college. Too bad there weren't a lot of people around, but what the heck!! Sajitha's getting it to college tomorrow, and i'll be taking it home for a day. Heh, will proudly parade it around to all, and hopefull, like Jerry Pinto said, it will attract a lot of feminine attention. Then again, in our college, you never know it that's a good thing or not..

The competetion itself wasn't really much of a real competetion. There were just three teams. I'm thinking the reason for low participation these days, may probably be an overkill of events and fests, but then again for every student who participates, there must be atleast ten who are waiting for their chance. I guess there isnt much inter-departmental communication happening in colleges these days.

Btw, the topic was "Capital Punishment Is The Best Deterrent For Heinous Crimes". I spoke for it, and my partner spoke against it.

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