Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I woke up next to a cat...

...and her name was B. She had a free run of the place, coming and going as she pleased. Ofcourse, she chose not to go out at all. Nishit's room had all the comforts she needed. Food, water, a place to sleep. And even the random tabby that would wander in.
Everything in Nishit's room is probably created by hand, or made out of some junk or knick-knack that we would have probably thrown out. A lampshade of tweened steel wires, cd-carrying cases made of aluminium rods and cloth hangers, his chair a combo of a plastic chair body on top of a big electric box of some sort. And surprisingly, it's all very comfortable and homely.
A lot of odd stuff can be found at his place. I met some kind of a hyperactive monkey-frog hybrid at his place. It's name was Vidith, and it was Nishit's nephew. It was about 7 years old, and had complete about 540 pushups. 5 at a time, ofcourse. It's probably gonna get a new pair of sneakers when it reaches 1000.

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