Sunday, July 18, 2004

@#!$% Bloody Memory...

I am getting forgetful these days.

Rohit "P-Man" came over today to deliver my copy of PDV's album Compose, Oppose, Dispose. So i go down to meet the dude, and take the cd and i'm gawking at it. He's standing there and i'm standing there, and there's some wierd feeling around. I wonder why he's waiting. Then he blurts out, "K, give me the 150 bucks, and i'll be gone", and it hits me. Not five minutes ago, i put 200 bucks in my pocket, to pay him, and there i'm standing, totally forgetting about it.

I also forgot to post Paddy mama's postcards. Shit, he'd asked me to do that like 3 days back. If he finds out, i'm dead. I'll post it tomorrow.

I went to sleep in the evening, and got up around 7:30. Sometime later, i got a call from Bhavesh, and then it hit me that i had to be over at his place, for a get-together with the rest of the ex-leos. He'd called me up two days back, to tell me about it, and now it'd totally slipped my mind! I spent the rest of the evening avoiding his calls.

And now, some time back, i wanted to go over to Jason's place, to get the Van Helsing movie cd. As usual, i forgot, and by the time i remembered, it was too late.

I suck.

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