Friday, July 16, 2004

Megadeth vs Megadeth

Oh my god, this is a nightmare! I can't believe the day has finally come when i'd see Dave and Dave on opposite sides!! It's pretty bad when when two fantastic musicians, who have been pals for nearly 2 decades, are going to have to slug it out in a courtroom. It kinda cheapens their image, reduces the respect i have for them.

There's a very well written piece by Dave Mustaine here, where he talk about Megadeth's decline, the fall in sales, and how various other incidents drove a firm wedge between the band members. This piece sounds surprisingly vulnerable, very unlike Dave, who generally has a rep of being an asshole. I guess this is why i'm still very wary of painting David Ellefson as the bad guy here, even though he's the one suing Dave M and Megadeth.

Though now, i pray this is just an alternate reality, and tomorrow morning, things will be all right again...

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